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Hydra Host has the largest network of wholesale suppliers of GPUs and other HPC. Sign up for Brokkr to provide direct access to your compute to a network of GPU and HPC customers.

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What is Brokkr?

Brokkr is a unique online marketplace where you can easily buy and sell GPUs for your businesses' needs. Our trusted user-friendly platform puts the power in your hands, ensuring that you get the best deals with confidence.

What People Are Saying

Thomas Rialan, Co-Founder at Chai

“Hydra’s marketplace is going to transform the way we scale our compute spend at AI companies. By introducing transparency and competition, better prices than cloud get unlocked for GPU compute, which will make a big difference to our bottom line.”

List Your Compute

Listing your compute power on Brokkr allows you to earn money from your idle computing resources, offering a flexible way to generate income. Diverse opportunities make Brokkr a valuable choice for those looking to monetize their computing assets.

Buy Hardware

Explore the world of hardware purchasing within Brokkr for an array of benefits. Gain access to advanced equipment, engage with the tech community, and reduce financial risks. Buying hardware is a strategic move towards optimizing your computing resources.