Streamline your server management processes and convert your bare metal into a flexible, on-demand, and cloud-like resource.


Empower your data center to do more.

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Attract new customer segments

By offering a robust API, we in turn enable modern Infrastructure as Code (IaC) patterns, a must for those looking to leave traditional cloud providers and looking to automate their deployment pipelines.

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Eliminate tedious manual provisioning

Your end users can choose from and deploy to a pool of available compute resources, making resource allocation and customer UX seamless and efficient.

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Enhance your offering

Bare metal as a service is on the rise. By removing the middle-ware between the end user and host, they enjoy superior performance, complete isolation, lower latency, and an overall superior product compared to virtualization environments.

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Assured Reliability

Brokkr is built on top of Foreman, an opensource provisioning tool with an active community of supporters and contributors as well as enterprise sponsors. We've taken that battle tested foundation and have infused our product focused expertise that combines the best of reliability and usability.

The Hydra Partnership

We work with you to discover and prioritize features that simplify your hosting business, allowing you to move fast. We also work with your end users and new customer segments to discover what feature sets they desire when interfacing with your hardware.

Bare Metal as a Service is on the rise, and you can tap into the momentum today. Brokkr is a powerful provisioning solution that has been designed specifically to enable independent hosts and compute providers to offer BMaaS for highly performant, isolated, and secure workloads.

Whether your end users need to deploy standard or customized operating systems directly on top of your hardware, Brokkr makes it easy. As a managed solution, we handle the provisioning, dashboard, and API, so you focus instead on what you do best: deploying and maintaining dependable hardware.