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Multi-cloud orchest­ration, without the headaches

All the clouds’ resources in a single place. Eliminating waste, reducing risk, while maximizing DevOps flexibility and productivity.

Why Us?

  • Maximize Uptime

    Deploy resources across multiple clouds for max resiliency.

    Establish and manage a multi-cloud posture by connecting with and managing resources from a broad array of cloud vendors (AWS, Azure, DO, and many more).

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  • Deploy Efficiently

    Eliminate waste, minimize risk, and improve DevOps productivity.

    Configure and manage ALL cloud resources in a single interface, preventing unnecessary compute consumption and orphaned instance risk. Focus DevOps talent on higher-value work.

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  • Easy Vendor Management

    Multi-cloud deployments. One interface. One bill.

    Flexibility to move compute resources among cloud vendors to avoid lock-in, with obfuscation away from vendor relationships.

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  • Tailored Services

    A strategic partner for security and resilience capabilities.

    Product, brand, and digital security assessments, threat intelligence, advisory, and other services. In a rapidly-evolving threat environment, don’t go it alone.

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How It Works

  1. Focus on What Matters

    Smart companies want to build reliable and secure products (apps/websites) with minimal risk, at an optimized cost.

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  2. DiY Multi-Cloud is Tough!

    Companies are increasingly wanting to move to a hybrid- or multi-cloud architecture to optimize their application performance and resiliency, while avoiding vendor lock-in. But the required staffing and tooling for managing multiple clouds is expensive and complex, making multi-cloud architecture seem daunting.

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  3. Unified Multi-Cloud Hosting

    We believe securely accessing all clouds should be a breeze, without breaking the bank. So we’ve built Hydra Host for deploying resources across a broad array of cloud infrastructures and vendors - from a single interface.

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Trusted Across Various Industries

  • Crypto/Web3
  • Media/Video Streaming
  • E-Commerce
  • Digital Consulting
  • Others

Leverage one interface to discover value oriented providers to lower cost and boost performance of critical infrastructure.

Farewell Downtime

A platform for all your cloud applications, across all the clouds' resources.

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