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Multi-compute orchest­ration, without the headaches

No more refactoring or tedious migration efforts required. From major clouds, to independent data centers, we do the hard work for you.

Why Us?

  • Cost Optimization

    Move resource consumption to more economic providers

    Easily move your complex workloads as often as new providers and deals become available that can save you money. Forget weighing the savings against the pain of a significant migration, Hydra makes it an easy choice.

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  • Boost Maturity

    Get advanced DevOps capability without the headcount

    Get a birds eye view at all clouds and compute resources from a single interface, preventing unnoticed compute consumption and orphaned instance risk. Integrate monitoring to one hosting platform, instead of many. Focus DevOps talent on higher-value work.

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  • Greater Simplicity

    Forget the administrative and security overhead from sprawling account settups.

    Hydra's hosted solution comes configured with our own provider accounts by default, meaning you can get up and running on any new provider in seconds. We take care of account security and billing, meaning a single unified bill for you and more time to focus on your product.

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  • Tailored Services

    A strategic partner for security and resilience capabilities.

    Managed services as well as digital security assessments, threat intelligence, advisory, and other services. In a rapidly-evolving threat environment, don’t go it alone.

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How It Works

  1. Focus on What Matters

    Companies have to juggle an impossible task: Focus in house resources on their product and revenue, or optimize costs and security posture by focusing on infrastructure.

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  2. DiY Multi-Cloud is Tough!

    Companies are increasingly aware that the best infrastructure posture to be in is an agnostic one. However moving to a hybrid- or multi-cloud architecture to achieve maximum cost optionality and resilience is expensive and complex. That often means too much effort spent away from product to make it viable.

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  3. Unified Multi-Cloud Hosting

    We believe companies shouldn't have to make that choice. We’ve built Hydra Host for deploying resources across a broad array of compute providers simply and securely because we believe everyone should have the best possible infrastructure posture, without breaking the bank.

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Trusted Across Various Industries

  • Crypto/Web3
  • Media/Video Streaming
  • E-Commerce
  • Digital Consulting
  • Others

Leverage one interface to discover value oriented providers to lower cost and boost performance of critical infrastructure.

Farewell Downtime

A platform for all your applications, across any and all the compute providers.

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