A secure, private, and distributed hosting platform.

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Why We Exist

Hydra is fulfilling the promise of public cloud

Hydra fulfills the promise of a truly public cloud by providing seamless access to an array of cloud infrastructure providers, in a way that is truly private (from us and them!), and can be deployed into to the highest security settings.

Plus, it scales with your company and is simple to use; reducing infrastructure mgmt task-work for DevOps and engineering teams

What previously would take a full-time engineering team to design, build, and manage, is now standard across our infrastructure network. We believe that:

  • Orchestrating across your cloud(s) should be a breeze for your engineering team(s)

  • Uptime should be 100%

  • Security and privacy should be the default

  • Walls around services are bad for customers; flexibility is good

  • Pricing should be understandable, and maximize your choices as you scale

Meet Our Amazing Team

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We are passionate about creating a flexible, resilient, and secure future in technology - without compromising performance. Learn more about being a part of our cloud-agnostic innovation.

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