Hydra Host and Sortium Forge Strategic Partnership to Enhance AI-Driven 3D Content Creation

February 9, 2024

Hydra Host and Sortium Forge Strategic Partnership to Enhance AI-Driven 3D Content Creation 

Hydra Host, a trailblazer in data center operations and bare metal provisioning, is excited to announce a groundbreaking partnership with Sortium, an AI-powered 3D asset and texture generation innovator. This collaboration aims to integrate Hydra Host's robust digital infrastructure solutions with Sortium's innovative AI technology to revolutionize the creation and deployment of 3D content across various industries. 


Hydra Host: Pioneering Data Center Solutions 

Hydra Host stands at the forefront of redefining data center operations by offering solutions prioritizing autonomy, efficiency, and security for managing digital infrastructure. Their products, such as Brokkr, facilitate seamless server management and bare metal provisioning, ensuring high performance and reliability for data center clients and their end-users. 


Sortium: Transforming 3D Content Creation 

Sortium empowers creators with AI-driven tools to generate and modify professional-grade 3D assets and textures in seconds, streamlining the creative process and ensuring IP rights protection. This technology is accessible via the web or integrated directly into popular 3D software and game engines, offering limitless content creation possibilities. 


“Hydra Host has been our secret weapon in the world of GPU scaling. Offering an incredible partnership and industry best solutions to scale quickly through an intuitive global marketplace of compute.”  

- Marc Seal, CEO & Co-founder of Sortium 


A Joint Effort Driving Innovation and Accessibility 

The synergy between Hydra Host and Sortium will leverage both companies' advanced digital infrastructure and AI capabilities to offer an unparalleled ecosystem for 3D content creators, game developers, and businesses. This partnership is poised to: 


  • Accelerate 3D Content Development: By providing robust infrastructure and AI-powered tools, the partnership facilitates faster development and deployment of 3D content. 

  • Enhance Creative Freedom: Artists and developers can utilize Sortium's technology on Hydra Host's secure and reliable platform, focusing on innovation without compromising performance or security. 

  • Expand Market Opportunities: This collaboration opens new avenues for businesses to explore AI-driven 3D content creation, leveraging the strengths of both Hydra Host and Sortium to tap into new markets and customer segments. 

Through this strategic partnership, Hydra Host and Sortium are setting new standards in AI-driven 3D content creation, fostering innovation, and offering scalable solutions to meet the evolving demands of the digital world. 


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