The bare metal marketplace
We've built Brokkr, the first distributed network for independently operated compute resources, from HPC to Edge.
Strong companies need a good foundation. 
Bare metal with Hydra Host makes that possible.
Introducing Brokkr
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Leverage Independent Data Centers
Hydra Host’s Brokkr provisioning makes Data Centers more accessible and competitive against the cloud. This gives our customers access to unprecedented compute markets and optionality.
A Hyperscaler Alternative
Users can access bare metal resources from any Data Center and provider - a truly distributed network. Single data center restrictions are eliminated.
Simplified Management
Make the most of your time with a unified dashboard, API, accounts, and billing information for all compute resources in one place, regardless of location or vendor.
Opportunity & Innovation
Hydra Host’s vendor agnosticism positions users to benefit from the latest availability of bleeding edge hardware and infrastructure deployments, enabling advantages for bleeding edge use cases like AI/ML, by making any and all bare metal easily available from anywhere.
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Build your foundation
We specialize in serving communities like...
how we help you grow
Access available inventory across GPU-centric Data Centers, and be first in line for new bleeding edge hardware such as the A100 and H100.
Healthcare data processing and analysis needs require the security of bare metal infrastructure. No neighbors means greater isolation and a superior security baseline. Talk to us about security and compliance assurances and add ons!
Cloud Refugees
Escape the limitations of traditional cloud services and leverage a simplified self service flow, and robust API for automated deployment pipelines and infrastructure management.
High Powered Compute (HPC)
Power your most demanding workloads by pairing your top end hardware with Brokkr's high-performance, scalable bare metal provisioning.
Partner with Hydra
Have compute? Make your data center an industry leader and integrate with Brokkr today.
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